American Camellia Society – 2009 Annual Meeting. Part 3. Group pictures and the first reception.

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.

Back in March 19-21 I attended the annual meeting of the American Camellia Society. This year it was in Foster City near San Francisco. You can also read about the event on the website of the American Camellia Society.

At the end of the conference I made two group photos. You can click to enlarge:

I also made many photo pictures of the conference attendees during the first reception on March 19:

Alma Buffkin (North Carolina) and Bob Logan (California)

Matt Hunter (North Carolina) and Pat Gregory (California)

Roger Vinson, Florida

Deane Hall, Colorado

Tod Gregory, California

Richard Buggeln, North Carolina

Garland Bayley, Oregon

Patti Perkins (Mississippi) and Larry Barlow (Virginia)

Ann Walton, Georgia

Brenda Beach (South Carolina)

William Bennett, Florida

Garland Bayley, Oregon

Grace Bayley, Oregon

Celeste Richard (Georgia) and Patrick Andrews (Florida)

Jim Dickson, South Carolina

John Newsome, Georgia

Ellen Vinson, Florida

Carolyn Dickson, South Carolina

Carolyn and Jim Dickson (South Carolina), John Newsome (Georgia), Ellen Vinson (Florida)

Bob Weidman, Florida

Lynn King, California

Brad King, California

Nancy Mefford, California

Miles Beach, South Carolina

Miles Beach (South Carolina), Patrick Andrews (Florida) and Brad King (California)

Lynn King, Nancy Mefford and Steve Mefford, all from California

Bob Weidman, Florida

Brenda Beach (South Carolina), Garland Bayley (Oregon) and Patti Perkins (Mississippi)

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Part 3. Group pictures and the first reception.