A new book about camellias is published in China

A new book about camellias is published in China. It is written by Shen Yinchun 沈荫椿, a Chinese American living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I (Yuri Panchul) contributed more than 30 photo pictures to this great publication. The preface is written by Barbara Tuffy, a recent president of the American Camellia Society. American camellia people usually call Shen Yinchun “Y.C. Shen” or simply “Y.C.”

This picture shows me, my younger son and Mr. Shen in University of California at Berkeley Botanical Garden, near the Asian section of the garden.

My daughter with this book:

Another Chinese book about camellias has a picture of young Y.C. Shen with his father Shen Yuanru 沈渊如. This picture was taken back in 1967, one year before both of them were arrested by Chinese Communists during Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”:

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  • Do you know where I can purchase the book “Camellias” by Y. C Shen?

    You have some fantastic photos on your site. I had found your site a few years ago, but I had forgotten about it. I found it again during my search for the above book.

    thanks for the great site.

  • Hi, I am also trying to buy this book. Do you know where I can buy this book?

  • I also like to have this Book I am from Germany I have nearly 50 camelliaplants and live near Heidelberg in germany

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