Interesting striped seedling yuri_panchul_2005_017_nodami_ushiro

I got a very interesting seedling with striped pink/white petals – yuri_panchul_2005_017_nodami_ushiro.

Striped sasanquas are very rare – the only one I know is a hybrid Stars’N’Stripes, and Stars’N’Stripes is not really a typical sasanqua – it is sensitive to sunlight and has elongated leaves comparing to traditional sasanquas. Most bicolor sasanquas are not striped, some are blotched – the blotching pattern is the result of a relatively harmless virus.

My new seedling’s parent is probably Nodami Ushiro. I am going to evaluate it for a while to make sure this striped pattern is stable. In the main time I will probably propagate it by grafting.

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  • Hello Yuri,
    My name is Charles Lee, I am the editor of “Camellia News”, the journal of Camellias Australia, which is published 3 times per year (Autumn, Winter & Spring/Summer editions).

    I have been browsing with interest your website, in particular the excellent photos and articles on the genus camellia.

    I seek your permission to publish articles from time to time in our journal please. I would contact you each time I wish to use some material, and would also acknowledge you and the site in our journal.

    I am also a member of ICS and attended congresses in China (2003), Melbourne (2006), Cornwall (2008), and Japan (2010). Not sure if I have seen you at any of those functions, but it is possible that our paths have crossed.

    Best regards,

    Charles Lee
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    WAGGA WAGGA, NSW, 2650

    +61 2 6931 2147

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