Camellia News – the journal of Camellias Australia

“Camellia News”, the journal of Camellias Australia, had recently published some of my materials about Camellia sasanqua.

Some information about Camellias Australia from their website

Camellias Australia Inc. (formerly the Australian Camellia Research Society Inc.) is made up of a confederation of Australian affiliated camellia organisations. All states except Queensland, The Australian Capital and Northern Territories have affiliated camellia bodies. C.A. has an Executive consisting of a National President, Secretary and Treasurer. C.A. does not control any of the affiliate bodies but acts as a umbrella organisation re matters of National Interest, and liaison. C.A. conducts an Annual General Meeting of affiliates which is hosted on a national rotation system. Usually, a National Camellia Show is held in conjunction with the A.G.M.

The website contains many articles on various camellia subjects. Two articles that especially caught my attention:

* The History of Camellias in Australia, written by Ken Tate and presented at the National Camellia congress in 2006

* Optimismisation – a discussion paper presented at the 2010 Australian National Camellia Congress, in Hobart, Tasmania by Andrew Raper – Past President of Camellias Victoria and specialist camellia nurseryman. Due to import restricts on new cultivars coming into Australia, Andrew’s inventive title really means ‘Propagate or Perish’

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  • hi, i hope you can help me find some information on two books i found on camellias. i believe they may be rare. published in 1932. American Camellia Catalogs. They are hand bound with hand colored lithographs. very beautiful books and i believe the lithographs are meant to be removed and framed as evidenced by the screws holding the books together. any information you give would be greatly appreciated. if you have an idea of value, that would be fantastic. i am trying to raise money to help my daughter who is in a very tenuous situation.
    best wishes,
    lisa wilson

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